Why is hay so important in feeding your pet rabbit?

Choosing a correct and balanced diet for your pet rabbit is essential in order to ensure him an easy and healthy life. High quality hay can help to prevent diseases such as obesity, digestive issues or dental problems. First of all, we must remember that rabbits feed exclusively on vegetable and high in fiber food which is needed for their gastrointestinal functioning. To this end, letting them graze fresh field grass, sprouts and leaves would definitely be the best solution, but that’s not always possible especially if you live in a city or in non-green areas.

A good alternative for your little friend can be hay, or more precisely multi-species hay, which is made up of a mixture of dried herbs, useful to preserve the nutritional properties necessary for your pet. As a matter of fact, the diet of your domestic rabbit should be close to the wild rabbit’s one, to supply the right nutrients it needs, with high in fibers and low fat food.

Why is hay the best choice for your pet rabbit?
Hay is a basic food in your domestic rabbit’s diet and it must always be available in large amount. It is indeed considered the « basis of pet rabbit’s nutrition » as it needs to be combined with other kinds of food, such as vegetables.
The reasons why hay is considered an excellent food for your rabbit’s nourishment and well-being are:

  • it requires lots of chewing to eat and so wears the teeth away, that are designed to keep growing. It can help in avoiding future malocclusion issues;
  • it is rich in long fiber and low in calories, so it can help in supporting a good gastrointestinal function and in preventing obesity;
  • it can be considered as an “entertainment food”: as mentioned above, as the rabbit keeps chewing it couldn’t get bored.

You can find all these features in our Wafer Hay from 2G Pet Food.
Wafer Hay is a mixture of long fiber hay, in the shape of practical and compact wafers.

Wafer Hay

Why choose Wafer Hay?
Wafer Hay is:

  • Nutritious: it’s a mixture of hay that has been carefully selected and dried to preserve its valuable nutrients. Rich in long fiber, it keeps the gastrointestinal system efficient.
  • Practical: thanks to its wafer shape, it is easy to give to your little friend on a daily basis.
  • Countable: you can easily take a count of how many hay wafers you give him every day.
  • Dust and mould free: unlike bulk hay, it fits all, including rabbits suffering of allergic or breathing issues.
  • Entertaining: chewing is a tasty entertainment that wears away the teeth since the rabbit crunches for longer than the bulk hay.

Wafer Hay is hay in the shape of practical and compact wafers for your pet rabbit.