Which is the right dog food for the seasons change?

Autumn is a delicate moment for both humans and dogs. The seasons change can bring mood and appetite changes for our friends and it makes them more subject to seasonal illness. Few and simple attentions, even when choosing their dog food, can avoid unpleasant visits to the vet.

It is important to pay attention to the temperatures and the environmental situation we expose our dog to. Remember that dogs that live mostly inside home, do not adequately develop the undercoat that protects them from cold, rain or humidity. A warm kennel is important but an environment that is too hot and with dry air can expose your pet respectively to temperature shocks, dangerous for their health and to respiratory problems, related to the use of heating systems.

If you go out for a walk, pay attention to the outside temperature. For small dogs or particularly cold-sensitive ones, avoid the coldest hours for the daily walk and equip yourself with padded or waterproof coats to avoid unpleasant illnesses. If their hair gets wet, due to rain or after having a bath, take care to dry their feet and fur properly and as soon as possible.

In autumn, you should handle your dog hair loss,  to facilitate the seasonal wetsuit. Brush it and wash it more frequently and clean its accessories often: kennels, coats, blankets and brushes used every day by your furry friend must be constantly washed to ensure an excellent hygiene level.

To support your dog and prepare it for the colder season it is good to also adapt its feeding. The food that you choose for your 4-legged must be of excellent quality and with a greater energy supply, to allow him to face the most rigid period. Protein and nutrient rich formulations are perfect for autumn and help to prepare for the cold season. Foods rich in proteins even of different origins, as long as they are high-quality, can be an excellent solution.

Diet Complete is the dog-food with croquettes made only of fresh chicken meat and fine salmon fillets, without by-products, which represent the perfect complete meal for autumn. A source of valuable proteins gives your furry-one all the energy it needs and combined with steamed vegetables and cereals, it guarantees the daily fiber intake to assure a good digestion and proper intestinal transit. The formulation of Diet Complete helps our friends to cope with seasonal wetsuits, guaranteeing a daily dose of nutrients that support the growth of a healthy and luminous coat and also  provides a delicate skin protection. If you are looking for a gourmet taste, for your pet meal Diet Complete Herbs is also available, with a lighter formulation, with no corn and the addition of aromatic herbs. Rosemary and parsley, besides making the recipe of Diet Complete Herbs even more tasty, improve the digestion, purification and freshness of your dog’s breath.

Some small attentions and some extra cuddles, which are never too much, will help your dog to face autumn.