How to choose the right dog reward?

To get a dog follow some simple orders or to learn a behavior, using a reward is one of the most common ways to train him. By the way to choose of the right reward is far from being simple.

Reward can be distinguish in four categories: food rewards, verbal gratification, cuddles and play time. Personalization is possible in all this group of rewards considering the training method and purpose, the dog habits and preferences. Food reward is strongest and easy to apply and therefore the most used,  so it is really important to choose the right snack and treats among the many on the market, since they can impact on the diet.

So, how to choose the right dog reward?

First the treats has to be tasty for the dog, to provide the right incentive for the exercise. Even for big dogs, the snack should be little, since during a training session many are eaten and the treats shouldn’t sate your pet to avoid driving him to skip the main meal and consequentially lead to possible nutritional unbalances. Therefore treats or snack should be light: tasty but hypocaloric. That is the reason why you should evaluate the ingredients list choosing products without added sugars, which are dangerous for dogs and also by-products- free. Even better if the is meat-free at to avoid a too high daily protein intake. Meat-free snacks should also to be preferred for allergy or intolerance, since many dog suffer from this especially for the use of artificial additives commonly used when meat is an ingredients.

The reward should also be easily digestible for two reasons: a dog eats more snacks during a training session and even because pups are usually trained more often and so they need tasty but light and digestible treats being digestion-sensitive. Another features to check on a snack is its smell, especially in the case of training involving the sense of smell, this should be quite strong to let the dog find it easily.

Choosing the snack among the many on the market you should to go for the most natural and light ones. All 2G Pet Food Cookies are light, don’t have any added sugars just the natural sugars contained in fruits flavours. These treats don’t have any artificial additive as preservatives and flavorings but in some case they only have natural colorings. Even meat and meat products are not contained into our dogs cookies, to provide a tasty snack even for meat-sensitive dogs. Our three different Cookies line can satisfy all palates: the Classic Cookies line composed by the Apple Cookies, Vegetable Cookies and Fruits Cookie; the Herbs Line with Sage, Rosemary and Basil Cookies each one with great natural herbs properties and the new born Cookies Flakes line combining flaked cereals to tasty fruits: blueberry, yoghurt and barley flakes; banana and oats flakes and coconut and rice flakes all of them suitable to pups and digestive-sensitive dogs.