How to adapt horse feeding to agenig?

Different reason modify horses nutrition as they get older, so how to adapt horse feeding to aging?

The stronger impact on horse feeding is represented by intestinal apparatus efficiency decrease, that determine a lower nutrients absorption. The main causes on weakening their digestive apparatus are linked to horses life style and especially lifetime illness, stress and exercise they have done daily in a unnatural habitat.

Moreover, a natural decrease of nutrition needs is linked to a fewer exercise then the horse was used to, because they have already ended their career and but also their body is naturally less powerful.

Last but not least chewing problems also modify horses nutrition. Aging changes horses teeth and can make difficult to eat some forage.

All these causes determine a decrease of horse’s appetite and weight, even if it constantly eats. A specific feeding has to be light and digestible, nevertheless it has to be high-quality and nourishing, with a lower percentage of powerful nutrients since their fewer exercise. These qualities are essential to keep your horse healthy. Horse’s nutrition has to be ever good during its lifetime to avoid later any sort of diseases, although it has to be even great getting older to stimulate appetite and avoid problems caused by low quality feeds.

Also thirst naturally decrease as horse ageing. Therefore water must be always fresh, clean and available, to avoid dehydration. Water is an essential part of nutrition and it has never to be forgotten.

A great product like Wafer Fioc Light can fulfill elderly horses nutrition needs. Its easy formula with a high percentage of dust-free and long fiber hay and alfalfa completed by a part of barley and maize flakes, assures all nutrients, high digestibility and absorption. These features are enhance by the steam cooking process all cereals have gone through that lead to constantly guarantee high quality, which fight diseases caused by a bad feeding. Another added value is the cube format, which helps to stimulate salivation an so digestion and hydration. Wafer Fioc Light is a complete feed, balanced and perfect for elderly horse, don’t miss to try it out on our on line shop.