Campaign against abandonment ENPA

The National Animal Protection Agency (ENPA) has created a new information campaign against the abandonment of animals, a phenomenon that in the summer reaches its maximum peak, albeit present throughout the year. The abandonment of animals in the summer months is an immoral phenomenon, which causes the death in more than 80% of abandoned animals, caused by accidents, hardship or mistreatment.

We have chosen to help the ENPA Anti Abandonment Campaign by reporting below some simple rules to follow up on thi matter if you meet up an abandoned animal or there seemed to be, in order to help him in the best way:
– Approach the animal calmly, speaking slowly, in a calm, calm and friendly voice. Avoid quick or direct gestures, to avoid frightening the animal and running him away. Use water and food to reassure the animal, gain his trust and let him get close.

– If the abandoned animal gets stroked, check if there is a collar with a medal, a tattoo or a chip. In the case of a medal it will be possible to call the owner, otherwise the veterinarian or the ASL representative will trace the owner acquiring the animal identification numbers showed on the tattoo or chip.

– Call the Local Police, or the veterinary service of the ASL, or the Animal Protection Authority (ENPA) or one of the associations of volunteers who deal with abandoned animals and inform them of the finding, so that they can assess the health status of the animal, if he has been mistreated and if it is necessary to proceed by legal means, since abandonment and mistreatment of animals are considered a crime.

Follow these simple instructions in case of need to be an active part of the ENPA Anti Abandonment Campaign.