2G Pet Food supports the “Learning While Teaching” project

2G Pet Food will support the new « Learning While Teaching » social-sphere project, promoted by the Carolina Association, in support of pet therapy. The project whose name means « Teach and you shall learn it » will begin in spring 2018, which consists in supporting problematic teenagers, through an educational path in which they will train a service dog, which will later engaged to assist children with disabilities.

The Gianni Guidolin company has decided to support the « Learning While Teaching » initiative, strengthened its status as a socially responsible business committed to supporting and actively donating 2G Pet Food dog feed for the puppies that will participate in the project.

For the entire project term, professional figures will participate, in collaboration with the services that the children have in charge and with the supervision of the professionals of the dog educational project. The experience includes three work cycles, six months long each one, in which the children will be helped to integrate into the community in a positive way and develop greater self-confidence, interacting correctly with other humans and taking responsibility for children, thanks to the impact that the presence of the dog will have in their lives.

As part of the pet therapy initiatives, this project has the ambitious aim to involve problematic teenagers, children with disabilities and put them all together in the preparation of puppies that will be involvedd in many pet therapy initiatives where their touch can help those in difficulty.