Which nutrition should have a senior dog?

Even if we tend to see our beloved mate always the tender puppy that we brought home or the dog in need of affection adopted when adult, even dogs age and adapting senior dog nutrition is the foundation to a healthy and long life.

As for humans, age can means, disorders, pathologies and lifestyle changes that make necessary changing dog’s nutrition. But be careful: there are parameters indicating the beginning of old age for each size or breed, but every single dog is unique and should be evaluated with the help of the veterinary and medical periodic controls.

Dog diet doesn’t have to be drastically modified when the dog enters old age. The owner should just follow even more scrupulously some simple rules useful at all ages, where quality is the core principle.

Some  key advices to a suitable senior dog​​ nutrition are:

  • supply clean and fresh water, to guarantee the hydration for the healthy functioning of all the organs
  • increase  fibres intake, since with water its helps the good intestinal transit, then prefer quality and light protein sources such as fish or white meat, for an easier digestion.
  • reduce sugars, which also contained in carbohydrates, to prevent diabetes which tends to occur in old age and other related disorders
  • adapt the diet to oral health. Dental problems that often come with age make it necessary to prefer moisty and easily chewable food.
  • follow a lighter diet both in terms of quantity and caloric intake. The natural exercise decrease reduces the daily nutritional requirement and the greater digestion sensitivity makes it preferable to reduce portions and choose lighter foods
  • increase meals, dividing the total daily ration into several servings during the day to ease digestion

Two perfect solutions for a light, balanced and high quality diet for elderly dog are Diet Complete Fish with fine salmon steaks and Diet Complete with selected chicken and salmon fillets. Both foods combine to the proteins source, fibres and steamed vegetables to be easily digested and preserve all their properties. For older dogs with chewing problems, just wet the products with hot water or broth stir and serve after few minutes to get an easily chewable food. Two feeds solution that do not sacrifice taste providing a tasty and nutritious meal, with everything your elderly dog ​​needs for his daily well-being.