Which is the right nutrition for a foal?

The foal’s feeding necessities are just based on its growth needs and not on the exercise, since it usually has not been introduced yet to the constant training. Based on this, which is the right nutrition for a foal?

The foal usually begins its weaning about six month after its birth, starting naturally to eat the same feed as the mare, due to the emulation behavior.

Its natural main feed is the hay, however it is nowadays few nourishing, therefore it is better to integrate the foal’s nutrition also with other feeds. These must be always guaranteed to be high quality to get the horse a constant nutrients source essential to its healthy development.

In order to follow a balanced diet it must ever been always provided to the foal fresh and clean water, important to maintain the animal hydrated when this is no more assured by the lactation. Another necessary habits to a healthy growth is exercise, which has to be possibly daily, to gradually enhance the motor apparatus and assure a the healthy development. A big factor, which is often forget is foal’s mental health and wellbeing. This must be evaluated each day to understand if the animal feel uncomfortable and if its behaviors and physical appearance show some stress condition, since these can strongly interact on the foal nutrition and consequentially on its health.

Really important is also not to malnourish the animal, since this can cause growth diseases but also not to overfeed it, since an excessive weight can threaten weak joints still not fully developed. A balanced and rich diet is fundamental to assure the foal all nutrients for its healthy growth.

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