Sense of satiety of the dog: how to stimulate it?

All dog owners know when their dog is hungry or wants food and tries in every way to attract their attention to make them understand, it is time for food. When you are cooking or sitting down to eat, dogs often try to get noticed in any way: by barking or whining, turning on itself and looking for physical contact with you. Anyway these small routines and normal habits are everyday life of those who has a dog and this  makes life with them funny and special.

By the way, it is very important to be able to recognize dog’s hunger and its greediness, to provide it a balanced nutrition. Dogs, in fact, are naturally greedy, because of the food scarcity and insecurity their ancestors were accustomed, they maintained the habit of eating whatever is possible. For the same reason, dogs are not very used to stop eating when they are full, but they prefer to stock up on food when it is available.

Considering their hunger it is good to assess the dog’s health and physical status by considering some elements that modify their nutritional needs such as age, daily physical activity and any states of illness or convalescence. It is fundamental to follow some rules: respect the doses indicated on the feed packages or get experts advice if you home cook its food. Moreover, it is good to take care of the daily calories ingested, which must be of a constant amount in order not to have repercussions on metabolism and digestion and to avoid also caloric decifit or surplus that can lead to relevant consequences.

Prefer more protein-rich and less fatty foods, which satiate faster and keep your dog fit. It is good to pay att12ention also to all the feeds given to the dog: rewards and snacks must be of the right quantity and quality.

To appease dog’s voracity some useful tricks to follow: divide the meals during the day and avoid administering just one meal per day, prefer dry foods that stimulate salivation and a prolonged chewing, essential elements to reach satiety. Furthermore, it is good to select fiber-rich feed with cereals and certain types of fruit and vegetables, because of theirs satiating power, their digestibility and their feature to keep the digestive system healthy. The type of fibers selected must be high-quality to get all their precious properties: prefer whole grains and delicately cooked fruits and vegetables, such as steaming, without artificial additives such as preservatives, colorings and flavorings. Diet Flakes ensures all these properties and replacing it by 10-25% to the usual feed guarantees the adequate dose of daily fibers. Diet Flakes Herbs combines instead a lighter composition corn-free, with the properties of parsley and rosemary, which support oral hygiene and intestinal health.If your dog can’t stop thinking about food, try to distract him with activities that keep him mentally busy and away from food, play with him, take him for a simple walk, brush him and pamper him. Spending time with your dog is another way to take care of your health with a careful diet.