HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed al Nahyan Sardegna Endurance Festival 2018

The Horse Country Resort presents the Sardinia Endurance Festival 2018, an international event with one of the most pleasant and safe routes in the European Endurance scenery.

Guidolin Horses will be sponsor the event which will take place in the beautiful scenery of Arborea, on the west coast of Sardinia. We will present the Premium Flaked Feed line, especially formulated for horses under agonistic activity that perform at intense levels of activity. Feed design to meet the high energy requirements of the athletic horse, rich in energy and precious ingredients for the horse health.

The competitions will start on Saturday, 21th of April 2018 with the 160km CEI3 *, the 120km Open and Ladies CEI2 *, the 120km CEIYJ2 * and the 90km CEII *. The event will continue on Sunday, 22nd of April, with the Regional competitions and will end in the evening with the Award Ceremony.

We are waiting for you with our booth at the Sponsor Village!