On holiday with your pet

The holiday with your pet becomes fun for everyone if you pay attention to follow some necessary precautions before departure.
1) getting your pet used to travel by car, to new places and new routines will simplify the holiday time, making it more pleasant for you and less stressful for the animal.

2) during travel, especially if your pet is a puppy, frequent stops and short walks will alleviate any trouble due to the journey by car, avoid traveling in the hottest hours and take them to crowded places will allow a trip of all pleasure.

3) To reduce the stress of travel and the new environment, use familiar objects or specific products sold in pet stores, rewarding your pet with a biscuit in order to give it even more serenity.

4) Vaccinations, medicines, passport and vet consultation are necessary activities to leave prepared.

5) If the destination holiday is the sea, it is not advisable to bring them to the beach during the hottest hours, pay attention to the sunburn of the dog’s nose and pows, bring with you a protective cream, to be applied also on the belly and ears. A light diet and the presence of always available fresh water will be the best recipe in the dog and cat bowl. Pay attention to insects, specific products are on sale in pet stores.

6) On the other hand, if you prefer to go to the mountains, pay attention to pressure and temperature changes, be careful also during excursions to the stones and sharp objects that could injure the dog paws; finally vipers are the greatest danger of trekking in the open air.

7) Whatever your destination, remember to bring the animal’s documents with the vaccinations made, the first aid kit, collar and muzzle leash, medal, bowls for food and water, feed and snacks, the cleaning kit (bags and shovels), brushes and hygiene products.

Everything is ready? Enjoy your 6-legged pet friendly holiday!