How to protect sport horses joints?

Horse joints are particularly delicate and constantly exposed to diseases and traumas and for sport horses, protecting and safeguarding them is even more essential. Firstly, whatever the discipline they practice, the health of horse joints is essential for great performances. It is also important to take care daily of their joints even before any accident or diseases occurs, as these body parts are constantly under stress.

The usual mistake is not to prevent joint disorders, either because we tend not to really worry until a problem happens or because the prevention of these disorders is erroneously only connected to competitions, forgetting the prevention during training time, which stresses joints and muscles. Prevention is also avoided for two more reasons: solutions are too difficult to administer and unwanted side effects linked to invasive and heavy procedures, which can compromise the horse’s general health.

However, many solutions to an effective prevention are available such as stretching and easy to use natural remedies, when used according to their indications; there is no risk of side effects. Equibar Mobility is an example: a handy natural bar of Guidolin Horses, suitable for sporting and competitive horses. A complementary horse feed to be given as a biscuit or crumbled in the feeder, formulated with medicinal herbs with strong anti-inflammatory properties.

The characteristic that makes the bar suitable for sports horses is the total absence of doping, so it can also be administered during competitions time. Equibar Mobility takes care of joints every day and prevents inflammation, which can cause by training physical and psychological stress and also to the journey to reach the competition site. During competitions it helps to lower stress inflammation, improving horse’s performance and reducing the risk of inflammation-related injuries. When competitions are over, it is better to keep on using Equibar Mobility and not to suspend it abruptly, to allow the horse an easy and quick muscle post-exercise recovery.

Equibar Mobility suggested dose is a daily bar for sport horses to improve performance and mental inclination. A horse that hasn’t any kind of soreness has also a more positive attitude towards training and competitions.

In addition to the famous saying «prevention is better than cure»; a daily prevention through a practical and easy habit will also let you avoid expensive veterinary care, to resolve disorders or major accidents.