How to horse-feed during winter time?

During winter time it is necessary to adapt horse-feed to its habitat conditions (if stable or paddock), to the quality and quality of its daily exercise and its personal physical condition.
First of all, to face the cold season, horse’s nutrition should be balanced and constant during all year. Raw materials have to be always high quality, controlled and constantly guaranteed under protein-, vitamin- and fiber level. This means the feed formulation should provide a constant nutrients intake. Also Aflatoxin absence should be guaranteed. The quality should be ever the first criterion to choose the right horse feed.

How to properly horse-feed during winter time?

Hay is always horse main food and its quality should ever be assured. Combined with hay it is important to complete the nutrition with the right dose of alfalfa, useful for muscular apparatus and cereals, providing one more energy source.
The secret of a balanced feeding is the right doses. The percentage of these three main components can be adapt to winter time increasing hay percentage and lowering the cereals one, being winter commonly a rest season for the animal. Then it is important to take care about water: it should be always available, clean and not frozen.
When these simple and few rules are applied, horse nutrition would ever be balanced and constant and the animal will not need any supplements to get through winter season.
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