1997-2017 | Let’s celebrate 20 years of Guidolin Wafer Fioc

20 Years of Wafer Fioc

Introduced to the market in 1997, Wafer Fioc was the first complete wafer feed product, combining high quality long fiber forage and flaked cereals pressed to become a 4×4 cm cubed feed.

An innovative feed, which clashed hard with the traditional ways of feeding the horse. The revolutionary idea behind the Wafer Fioc stems from combining the long fibers of forage with flaked cereals and leguminous in a practical and compacted cube, studied for a complete horse’s daily diet. A complete, balanced and dust-free meal, able to guarantee homogeneous and constant nourishment throughout the year.z

To celebrate its 20 years in the market and during the next edition of Fiera Cavalli Verona from 26 to 29 October, the new bags for the 5 available feed formulas will be presented: PREMIUM, PLUS, HORSES, PRESTIGE and LIGHT.