Tecnofood Italia

Experience, reliability and passion. These are the words that best describe the Gianni Guidolin Group, a company dedicated to the search of absolute quality, founded more than thirty years ago with the aim to improve the quality standards in animal nutrition and nowadays consolidated at international level in the zootechnical and food industrial fields.

The group includes Tecnofood Italia, a development of a historic firm building thermal-flaking and cereal toasting plants: a rich tradition launched toward progress and developed by the experience improved day by day in the field by the firm founder. Tecnofood Italia designs and manufactures thermo-flaking and toasting plants for the processing of cereals and legumes. Through the supply of machines, process know-how and customized services based on the specific customer requirements, the company offers vanguard solutions for breeding farms, cereals collection centers and fodder manufactures. The high level of specialization reached by Tecnofood Italia is the result of the continuous growth and the diversification of the production activities of the group.

Every prototype is submitted to rigorous resistance and efficiency tests in a factory for the production of flaked feeds, owned by the group, in order to obtain the highest level of reliability and lasting of the machines and progressively improve the quality and the added value of the transformed products. The Company is active at an international level. It places at its clients’ disposal leading technologies with the support of highly qualified and professional staff, able to satisfy the most meticulous design, construction and commercial needs. A highly professional and reliable partner. Tecnofood Italia offers vanguard tested solutions, operating 24h per day, for years and able to assure great competitiveness, as a response to the more and more demanding market requirements.