Recipe: Ice cream for dogs with crispy “all-taste” coverage

With the arrival of the heat what better remedy to refresh the summer of our furry-friend?
Ice cream is a classic cure-all for the torrid heat of the summer season and also a refreshing treat for the dog. If the best approach to ice cream is to prepare it at home, here are all the steps to follow in order to quickly and easily prepare a delicious ice cream for dogs with crispy “all-flavored” coverage!

A little observation before proceeding: pay attention that the dog does not have allergies or is not intolerant of any ingredient.

The ingredients to be used include only the following:

1 pot of classic or Greek yogurt
2G Pet Food Cookies with your favorite taste: Banana, Blueberries, Apple .. your choise! (For recommended doses go to

We begin to whisk or grate the 2G Pet Food fruit biscuits, leaving aside whole biscuits which we will then use as decoration, until obtaining a flour to be added later to the yogurt.

At this point we proceed to mix well the cookies blended with the yogurt until obtaining a homogeneous mixture to be transferred then in a cup suitable for the freezer or a silicone mould for popsicles. We leave the mixture in the freezer for a few hours, by mixing occasionally.

Has the hour of tasty fresh snack arrived for your pet?
Let for a few minutes out of the fridge and finally decorate with 2G Pet Food cookies that we had previously left aside which will serve to form a delicious crunchy coating. From now on, your furry can only start licking his mustache!

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Happy summer with 2G Pet Food!