Nrha Euro Futurity 2019

Are you ready for NRHA EURO FUTURITY 2019?

Few days to the start of Euro Futurity!

We are so excited to the wide competitions schedule, aren’t you?

From April 4th to 6th we will be present just near the Arena and we will showcase the Guidolin Horses line horses feed. Our complementary feed of flaked cereals the right complement for every horse diet, the beloved Wafer Fioc the complete horse feed with  long-fiber hay, alfalfa and flaked cereals available in  5 different formulas.  You will get to know also our horse bedding in their two different solutions: the wood chips and the eco-friendly coconut ones.  Last but not least, the innovative natural horse bar Equibar Mobility only made of medicinal herbs, with really effective anti-inflammatory properties.

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We wait for you at NRHA EURO FUTURITY 2019!