New Equibar Hemofluid, all-natural nutrition bar for microcirculation support

Guidolin Horses is proud to introduce a new product from Equibar brand, our functional bars range formulated to support the well-being of horses. These special bars are created with the use of 100% natural herbal ingredients.

The first one was Equibar Mobility which helps the health of joints and muscles. Its use is recommended for horses susceptible to arthrosis, arthritis from stress, fatigue and muscle pain.

The latest born is Equibar Hemofluid, our bar that aids the proper functioning of the microcirculation, with a natural invigorating, toning and anti-inflammatory action. It is a balanced formula that combines the precious active ingredients of willow, grape and ginkgo biloba.

Equibar Hemofluid

The use of Hemofluid is recommended for horses subject to navicular syndrome, swollen limbs and idiopathic synovitis, as well as tendinitis.

Why should I feed a horse Equibar Hemofluid?

  • improved microcirculation, greater fluidity and flow of blood, particularly in the limbs and hooves
  • reduction of swelling present in the form of joint and tendon idiopathic synovitis
  • vigour and tone of limbs and body

Benefits have also been found in terms of increased shine of the coat and the alleviation of itching caused by insect bites.

Packs are currently available in 600 g and 2 Kg sizes. From 5th November 2020, you can buy our new Equibar Hemofluid on our shop online

Equibar Hemofluid: What does your horse’s well-being depend on? Guidolin Horses gives you the answer!

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