Homemade Pate Recipe for Dogs with Diet Flakes

Making homemade recipes for dogs, 100% natural and tasty, has never been easier! Find out how to prepare small portions of special pate with flaked Diet Flakes decoration! A gourmet prize for your furry friend to break the day!



100 Gr (approx..)per ingredient (it depends on the size of the trays in use)


– Chicken liver or chicken heart

– Half carrot

– A celery stalk

– Half of a courgette

– (Disposable) Aluminum muffin molds

Diet Flakes



Preparing pate for dogs is really quick and easy following this method of preparation. In a short time you will be able to prepare many small portions of pate with flaked decoration using our Diet Flakes.

Put all the ingredients in a large saucepan, cover and leave for the water to drain off. Let it boil for a maximum of one hour or half an hour in a pressure cooker (check the cooking on sight).

Put everything in the mixer with the vegetables and add a cup of the cooking broth so as not to lose nutrients.

Puree the mixture until it is smooth and put it in aluminum molds, cover and refrigerate to solidify.

Finally, you can place the solidified pate on a little plate and cover the entire surface with our Diet Flake to make it colorful and crunchy!

You can see that the result is an amazing gourmet prize for your furry friend to break the day!


Little Tip: You can reuse the leftover broth to soften the Diet Flakes in any subsequent meals.


Try now our recipe and write your feedback!

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