Gennaro Lendi Official Tesimonial of Guidolin Horses

The signing of the contract officially marks a collaboration of many years between the well-known professional trainer Gennaro Lendi and Guidolin Gianni, a company that has been for years in the world of horse feed. The athlete and World Reining Champion Gennaro Lendi, who has always been a supporter of the complete horse feed Wafer Fioc, becomes the official testimonial, together with the award-winning couple Ann and Bernard Fonck of Guidolin Horses.

The new ambassdor Giudolin Horses Gennaro Lendi boasts many victories in the most important European and World Reining Competitions. Now the trainer carries out his activity in Tuscany in the center of Oliviero Toscani. For the year 2018 he will be involved in many competitions, including the European Derby in Kreuth, Futurity in Austria, Equita in Lyone and Futurity in Cremona.

We want to thank the Champion for this collaboration. We hope it will be full of competitive success for the future.

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