5 things you don’t know about Wafer Fioc

Wafer Fioc Range

1. What is Wafer Fioc?

Wafer Fioc is a complete and balanced feed for horses, with constant nutritional and energy values. It is extremely healthy and beneficial nutritious product ideally suited to the digestive system of the horses.

2. Composition: Hay and cereals

Wafer Fioc comes as a compacted 4*4 cm cube, combining hay and alfalfa, flaked cereals and legumes.
It’s a complete meal because it gives premium quality fibre from the forageCereals and legumes provide energy for work.

Wafer Fioc hay is more than 3.5 cm in size, so it can be defined as a long fibre hay. A long fibre hay generates the first digestion in the mouth, that is a very important process for the horse well-being, and improves the gastrointestinal transit.
Moreover, you must aim to provide a lot of fibre which you only obtain with first cut hay harvested in May.
How to recognise quality hay? Mainly from the smell and colour of hay. It becomes very important for the hay not to have dark spots. They normally allow you to understand that it has some mold which is problematic for horses and consequently leads to some very serious pathologies.

Also cereals need to be of good quality. The choice of quality raw materials is essential. In Guidolin all raw materials are checked by chemical analysis to ensure the required quality standards.
Guidolin cereals are subjected to a steam heat-flaking process at a temperature of about 120 degrees to eliminate any microorganisms. During this process the starch contained in cereals undergoes a transformation called “gelatinization”: the flaking process works on the chemical and physical organoleptic characteristics of the cereal, promoting an increase in digestibility and palatability of the ingredients.

3. Added value for digestion

Intestine is the second most important organ in horses and its good functionality benefits the whole body. Wafer Fioc is composed of long fibre hay which generates the first digestion in the mouth: long fibre, flavour and aroma cause salivation to soften the food thoroughly and then also lubricate the intestinal system, to end up having an assimilation of Wafer Fioc of even up to 97/98%.
First digestion in the mouth, assimilation of the product, well-being of horses. A balanced nutrition also supports muscles and is therefore essential for the athletic horse.
Wafer Fioc is a constant supply of nourishment for 365 days a year. Can this help the digestive process of the animal? It aids bacterial flora, because constant changes in horse feeding can also create intestinal dysbiosis. An alteration of the bacterial flora leads to intestinal dysfunction in horses which can cause fatigue, pathologies, but above all a bad assimilation of the feed they are fed with.

4. Why 5 formulations

The current five formulations of Wafer Fioc have in common long-fibre hay as the basic component, with the addition of different quantities and varieties of cereals. Two of these products have the addition of mineral salts and vitamins for the needs that the animal may have. Each of these products is formulated to energize horses, but also to provide them with the elements they need due to conditions and activity.
In any case, a “tailored” diet suited to the specific conditions and activity of the horse is recommended.

5. Use and method of administration

There are various ways to administer Wafer Fioc.

  • Full meal: A first way and also the one most recommend is that of a full meal. Just Wafer Fioc 1.5 kg per quintal of the horse’s weight. Split into 3 meals. This method is recommended even if the horse has  pathologies like allergies, heaves or assimilation problems.
  • Replacement of the morning meal: It consists in giving 2 kg or 2.5 kg of Wafer Fioc in the morning, instead of the hay and cereals which should be provided. The main benefit from this administration is an initial contribution and lots of salivation to give its benefits throughout the day.
  • Integration: The third way involves administering 1 kg per quintal of the horse’s weight. We recommend adding 6/7 kg of hay in the evening.

Regardless of the mode chosen, Wafer Fioc should be fed dry, for the amount of saliva produced and to create the first digestion in the mouth. In case of dental disease it can be moistened, but this reduces the effect of saliva production.


Article made for information purposes, based on our experience. Not to be used as a substitute for the opinion of a Veterinarian.