Bo Ranch & Gianni Guidolin – Wafer Fioc

Gianni Guidolin and the beloved Wafer Fioc, will be official platinum sponsors of Bo Ranch in 2019/2020.

Bo Ranch is the new and exclusive facility located near Fontainebleau (France) of Gregory Morat, entrepreneur, globetrotter, engines lovers and reining enthusiast. His passion for horses and especially for reining, stems from the special connection between the horse and the reining rider. This led him to look for and then create a high standards and modern structure to fully live his passion and share it with the other reining lovers.

An excellence structure, offering numerous quality services, 140 boxes for horse boarding with all the necessary comforts, traning, clinics and shows as well as reproduction. A large and bright 100×50 m show arena, a warm up arena and a relaxing club house make this structure a one of a kind one.

Stefano Ferri, is the Bo Ranch trainer who has achieved many international successes. Thanks to his appreciation for Wafer Fioc, Gianni Guidolin and Bo Ranch have discovered that they share the same passion for horses well-being and have therefore decided to start a fruitful collaboration.

Wafer Fioc, is the complete food of hay, alfalfa and flaked cereals, very appreciated by the reiners for its features. A food with a constant nutritive profile, controlled, dust-free, guaranteeing the proper energy source for reining-horses. These are the keys to a healthy respiratory system and gastro-intestinal tract. These characteristics are essential for all horse riding disciplines and mostly for reining, allowing the horse to express its potential.

For these benefits Wafer Fioc, is the reining beloved horse feed and so the perfect sponsor for Bo Ranch, since they share the same horse wellbeing attention.

Wafer Fioc and Bo Ranch will be engaged together in many future events and occasions, starting with the next September Maturity. Follow us to be up-to-date on all the upcoming events by Bo Ranch and Wafer Fioc!