Barf Diet: how does it work?

The BARF diet are being created by the Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst and its acronym means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. The diet was initially developed for dog’s nutrition and  then adjusted for many different pets, as mostly cat.

This nutritional regime ground  is the belief that our pet ancestors have eaten for millions of years raw meat, bones and entrails of the different prey they were used to find. For this reason the supporters of this feeding method believe feeding their pets according to this nutritional regime, is the best choice for their digestive system, which has developed with this wildlife-diet.

The pros on animals health connected to BARF diet are presumed to be many: shining and brighter coat, clean and healthy teeth, better breath, more energy and vitality, better body composition and greater palatability. There are also some cons to this diet, such as the risks of ingesting bone fragments, the risk of poisoning with not correctly preserved raw meat and a hypothetical aggression increase.

But what are the foods suggested by the BARF diet?

There are different BARF diet varieties depending on the pet and the different food percentages. Anyway the BARF diet suggests  a main portion of meat from muscle tissues, followed by meat with soft bones rich in cartilage, different kind of entrails, fruit and vegetables and other foods such as dairy products, eggs, fish and seeds. All rigorously raw.

Introducing the BARF diet may seem difficult. The key points to follow are:

  • Rely on your veterinarian for a customized diet on your pet needs
  • Select quality foods and preserve them properly
  • Introduce the BARF diet gradually into your pet nutrition

Furthermore, you can find many products developed as integration to the BARF diet, to provide healthy and easy feeding solutions and begin easier with the feeding method.

Diet Flakes and Diet Flakes Herbs are great products as integration to your dog BARF diet. Both 2G PET FOOD products are made of top quality, checked and certified ingredients to provide a daily fiber and nutrients intake to support your dog health. Cereal and vegetables flakes, gently  processed, maintaining their nutritional features, being furthermore highly digestible, light and super tasty for your dog. Diet Flakes is a rich blend of fresh vegetables and whole cereals flakes, while Diet Flakes Herbs, in addition to a lighter composition, has the taste and the numerous antioxidant, purifying and digestive properties of parsley and rosemary.

Whatever food regime you decide to adopt for your dog, you should never give up to high quality ingredients, since to love your pet is also taking care of its diet.