Auxilium Equus Operation – Garibaldini Volontari a Cavallo

Garibaldini Volontari a Cavallo “Facts and not Words!” in the Auxilium Equus Operation

Extract from the Auxilium Equus Operation in which Gianni Guidolin Group gave its support

[…] Simultaneously with the sending of the first pallets of feed by the Gianni Guidolin Group Hq based in Padua, at 4:00 am the operational unit of the Garibaldini Volontari a Cavallo of the national secretariat, intervening on the equestrian club in the early hours of the morning. Needless to describe the disastrous conditions that appeared before all the volunteers, conditions for which many people in the municipality of Pieve Bovignana still fight to improve. The feed was distributed to the horses and the territory was inspected in order to screen further interventions, in addition to insert the equestrian club in the “auxilium equus” project with which the ENGEA and OIPES have activated and made available to all the stables that have difficulties , by donating the 2017 affiliation to give concrete help to those who unfortunately face and experience this National emergency. […]

Thanks to YOU ​​for the trust you have placed in us and for the commitment you put into each of your “mission”.