Aromatic Herbs and Pet Food

Phytotherapy in pet food or the use of plants and plant extracts in the production of food for small pets is increasingly widespread not only for the taste and the many combinations of recipes that tickle the taste buds also of the pet owners, but also and above all for the many benefits for our animal friends.

Supporting ingredients in case of illness or for the maintenance of the animal’s well-being, recipes formulated to improve the food quality of four-legged friends. Their bowl is filled with many precious natural substances (and bioactive substances such as flavonoids, essential oils, alkaloids and polyphenols), with beneficial anti-inflammatory, purifying, antioxidant, tonic, relaxing, antifungal or digestive properties; each herb has a specific function for the animal’s health.

Today officinal plants are commonly used in medicine, in herbal medicine, in the cosmetic sector and in the food industry, due to the active ingredients present in their leaves, seeds, roots or flowers. A small amount of these herbs also provides an important supply of active ingredients for our pets.

Discover the recipes of our Herbs Cookies (Basil Cookies, Rosemary Cookies or Sage Cookies) or Diet Flakes Herbs, Diet Complete Herbs or Diet Fish Herbs, pet food products made with aromatic herbs and first rate Italian ingredients, which are carefully selected and steam processed, to provide a balanced diet to our animal friends.