2G Pet Food enters the Pharmacy

For the first time the 2G Pet Food references, including feed for dogs, rabbits and small rodents enter the pharmacy!

The initiative has been designed to experiment the new business opportunities throughout the activity of highly qualified retailers, specialized in the sale of wllness and health items. The modern pharmacy has changed and overcome the paradigm of healthcare in the old-strict sense, extending, through assortment availability, the pool of reference entities and pushing the purchase not only of medicinal products but of all those items related to wellness and health, which they require the assistance and advice of a qualified person such as a pharmacist.

In this context, the introduction of high-quality products designed for small pets perfectly fits into the assortment of a pharmacy; aligned with the recent approach that people have for their pet, considered as a real family member (with a strong emotional and economic bond). In this context, the importance of the animal’s well-being involves the owner to care of it in the best way, also looking in the pharmacy for the place where well-being and health meet not only for personal care but also for that of pet.

Trust, professionalism and service are fundamental values ​​for the company Gianni Guidolin Group. This values are also the strengths that 2G PET FOOD has decided to put in field, relying on the pharmaceutical channel. A channel in which trust, ad-hoc advice, professionalism and care allow you to direct the customer towards a more informed and more secure purchase. It represents the right channel to professionally explain and testify the qualities that distinguish 2G Pet Food products.
From 2018 the brand will further extend the retail network within Italian pharmacies, offering products dedicated to small pets.