New Product Lines: Be-natural and Break

2G Pet Food enriches its range and announces the birth of two new product lines: Be-natural and Break.

BE-NATURAL is the 2G PET FOOD line, born to naturally support the health and well-being of dogs.

A tasty and healthy dog bar line, handmade only using completely natural ingredients without added-sugars, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings. Be-natural bars are suitable for every size of dog and are easy to feed. Their aim is to prevent and relieve some of the most common diseases in dogs using all-natural solutions.

Be-natural bars turn simple moments of dog health-care into cuddle times, since bars have effective well-being properties and are delicious as a reward.

The first product of the Be-natural line, BE-ACTIVE, is a natural concentrate of herbal power, with carefully selected ingredients. The active ingredients of boswellia, turmeric and fenugreek help improve muscle and, especially, joint mobility. The bar helps to reduce stiffness, inflammation, swelling and soreness connected to joint diseases and illness and also helps post-trauma and post-exercise recovery.

BREAK is the new 2G PET FOOD tasty pocket dog bars line, offering your dog a quick and convenient snack that is always at hand. Break bars are suitable for every dog size and every occasion thanks to a format that is breakable into smaller servings.

The first product of the Break line, FIBRE BREAK, is the pocket snack to always keep at hand to satisfy your dog’s bouts of hunger. A natural bar made just of high-quality natural ingredients for a daily dose of extra-fibre, fundamental to proper intestinal activity.

A 100% vegetable snack, with no meat, added-sugars, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings. It satiates your dog’s hunger without weighing it down nor harming your daily efforts to give your dog a healthy and balanced diet. A highly digestible and energetic bar, thanks to the nutritional value of selected natural ingredients. Thanks to a format that is breakable into smaller portions, Fibre Break can easily be used to satisfy your dog when it is feeling just peckish or very hungry.

2G Pet Food Break bars are deliciously crunchy and are the natural reward which satisfy your dog’s bouts of hunger with natural bites.

You can buy Be-active and Fibre Break individually or in the convenient re-sealable pack of 30 bars. The box, in addition to being more convenient, is also practical at home for everyday use.

From 22 June 2020, the Be-active and Fibre Break bars can also be purchased on our online shop!

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