Monoprotein recipe for dogs: soft and delicious cod fillet with courgettes

Ricetta monoproteica per cani: Filetto di merluzzo con zucchine

How to prepare a quick and easy homemade meal? Just follow our recipe to make a delicious monoproitein dish for your four-legged friend based on cod with soft courgettes.

It is important to know that the grams indicated for the realization of the recipe depend on the weight of the dog. You should always consult the advice of a nutritionist for your pet home-diet to follow.

Below you can find the all ingredients necessary for the creation of the delicious recipe for your furry friend and the preparation method to follow.


– Cod fillet (fresh or defrosted)

– Diet Flakes Herbs (please refer to the table below for dog weight-grams to use)

– Courgettes

– Linseed oil or corn oil


First of all, start cleaning the courgettes: cut the courgettes into rounds, cook in a small pan with water until you feel the courgettes softened (do not throw the water away).

Then take the cod fillet (to be defrosted if you use the frozen one – fillet it and clean it thoroughly from the entrails if fresh) and dry it thoroughly from excess water, place it in a previously heated non-stick pan. Cook on both sides until you get a nice crispy crust. At this point add the previously cooked zucchini to the fish, so that they take a good flavor.

The time has come to assemble the tasty bowl: combine our Diet Flakes Herbs, which you will have found in a cup of hot water with courgettes or broth, with the cod fillet with the courgettes. Finally, season everything with a spoonful of linseed oil or corn.

And the courgette cod fillet for our furry friend is served…. in the bowl!!!

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