How to choose a good bedding for small animals?

Choosing the bedding  for our small animals is essential to guarantee them a healthy and comfortable environment. First of all, the main function of the litter is to absorb the urine and cover the manure. But what are the requirements for a good litter?

There are different types of bedding on the market and among the most commonly used are: the bentonite mineral bedding, the silicon bedding and the vegetable fibre bedding.

The bentonite mineral litter has an agglomerating capacity, i.e. once the liquid comes into contact with the granules, a block of material is formed on the surface, which can then be removed with a scoop. However it has an ability to absorb medium-low odors and is quite polluting. In addition, attention must be paid to its composition since it may contain synthetic fragrances to cover bad smells.

Another type of litter among the most common is that in silicon crystals, with fairly large granules that have a high absorbency both for odors and liquids, but can be uncomfortable for small animals due to the size of the grains, similar with salt. Furthermore, silicon is a material that must be disposed of in the mixed waste and is the most polluting of the materials used as sand for bedding. Furthermore, silicon gel tends to raise the dust.

Instead, the vegetal fibre litter is made with completely natural materials and for this reason it has the advantage of guaranteeing an easy and ecological disposal of the compost, with attention to the environment. Furthermore, it is very soft and extremely absorbent for both liquids and odors. The choice of a natural bedding must be preferable to that of silicon or bentonite in order to protect the environment and to reduce the environmental impact. Furthermore, the use of vegetable fiber, without adding additives and free of powders, is safer for the health of the animal and the whole family.

All these requirements are enclosed in the 2G Pet Food Cocco Bed litter, which thanks to its innovative coconut fiber material has a very high capacity to absorb liquids, unpleasant odors and bacteria. In addition, it is made only of vegetable fiber and is not palatable for the animal. An environmentally friendly bedding does not pollute and does not contain substances harmful to our health and that of our animal. In fact, Its vegetal composition makes the bedding compostable and can be disposed  with recyclable and organic waste.

It is perfect for rodents, cats, birds and is also suitable for reptiles and amphibians. Especially in case of reptiles or amphibians, it is preferable to moisten the fiber by vaporizing it with water to recreate the ideal habitat.

Daily maintenance of Cocco Bed is really simple and fast. It is necessary to spread the fiber homogeneously in the cage or terrarium, according to the quantities indicated and, for optimal results, remove the manure and air the fiber. Immediately ready to use, ideal to keep at home and free of chemicals.

Cocco Bed is available on our shop online in 1Lt or 5 Lt. format