How to adapt you dog nutrition to summertime?

Summer heat can be really heavy also for our dogs and this reflects into lack of appetite, tiredness, fatigue and a general low vigour. So, how to adapt you dog nutrition to summertime? Some little attention in its nutrition during summertime can avoid some problems and allow to fully enjoy summer together.

Feeding is extremely connected to the weather, therefore you should not worry too much when you notice a lack of appetite, which is really common also for humans. By the way you should follow some easy rules to be sure your dog’s diet is always balanced also during summertime.

First of all, try to choose the right feed moment: prefer the fresher hours during day as morning and evening to meet a higher appetite and to help digestion, which will be way more difficult and slowly when hotter.

You also should go for fresh meal, stored in the fridge before serving or soaked with cold broth or water in case of dry food. Although pay attention to the temperature of food: it shouldn’t be too cold otherwise digestion problems can occur.

When you dog can’t end their meal, do not force him to finish it and store the left-overs in the fridge to avoid waste and degradation caused by high temperatures.

Remember to provide not only during meals, but all day long, fresh and clean water and to change it frequently to keep it always nice to drink to assure the good hydration to your dog.

Prefer lighter feed, but still complete to assure all nutrients necessary to your dog to face summer. It’s better to choose single protein feed, since one kind of protein is easier to digest than more complex meal. Among single-protein meals, the best for summertime are fish ones and when your dog diet is only about fish tent to prefer the most rich and nutritive species as tuna and salmon. Both of them have high levels of proteins, good fats as Omega 3, minerals as potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and good vitamins levels.

Diet Complete Fish assure all this features, it is a complete and handy meal with fresh salmon croquettes and flaked vegetables, legumes and cereals steam-cooked to be easily digestible with the right amount of fibers and carbohydrates. Moreover it is available also the tasty Diet Fish Herbs version, with the additions of herbs helping the digestive system with their precious characteristics.